Fiber Optic Internet Survey

Fiber-optic and data communication technology is the new community infrastructure of the 21st Century. It is no less important than the need to have good roads, safe bridges, ample water supply or good water drainage systems.

Rural communities like ours are currently being taken for granted and/or passed over by large and powerful fiber-optics network providers. Furthermore, to be considered as a serious player in the world of economic development, Minden needs to offer fiber-optic technology to manufacturers and other types of industry.

The City of Minden is conducting a survey to learn more about the accessibility, affordability, and quality of internet access that is available today to the residents, businesses, and organizations in Minden. Your participation with this survey is important, as it intends to gather all of our experiences with the internet services available in our community.

You may complete this survey from any internet connection, or you may get a printed version by contacting the City of Minden Economic Development Department at 318-377-2144, or by stopping by the library at 521 East and West Street in downtown Minden.

Please follow this link and take the survey: